Homebrew Computers, Kit Computers, and Crazy Ideas:

This particular sub-directory is devoted to homebrew designs, kit computers, and crazy ideas that clutter my workshop, my home, and my mind. Some of them might even work from time to time. We'll start with the mainstream stuff -- kit computers and classic designs from someone else.

  1. The Micro-Kim -- A modern implementation of the classic KIM-1 Microcomputer designed by Vince Briel.
  2. Replica-1 -- A modern replica of the Apple-1 computer, also from the mind of Vince Briel.
  3. The PiDP-11 -- An emulator of the Digital PDP-11/70 running on the Raspberry Pi, complete with lights and switches.
  4. The Kim-Uno -- Another clone of the Kim-1 based on the Arduino Microcontroller
  5. The PX-15 -- A modern implementation of the HP-15 Scientific Calculator
  6. The Swiss Micros DM-16L -- A modern implementation of the HP-16c Calculator